DIY Pinterest inspired toddler games

So we have all seen or pinned all the cool activities to make for your your child on Pinterest, right? Me too! I am always trying to com up with new games and teach him new things to help with his development. Now yes you may be saying to yourself, this might not be the case for everyone’s child because they all are all different and that’s  OK!

With that said that was the reason behind my DIY pinterest inspired games, because I wanted to see if the games or crafts recommended for his age would be appropriate for him and where he is at right now, without pushing him at all!

First off we have the card slot drop! I found this gem on Pinterest from the Busy Toddler Card Slot Drop . I took it a little further and decorated the container with construction paper and some markers. Henry reaches out for this game almost everyday! It took him a couple tries but I believe he is having fun and working on those fine motor skills too! Win-win! Youtube video of him trying it for the first time.


Next we have the a cut up paper towel roll and a paper towel holder. He enjoyed stacking and removing it over and over again. He reached for this stacking game too! No mess, easy cleanup and kept his little curious mind busy for a couple of minutes. Paper towel stacking.


Third is one that I didn’t get from a specific blog but photos were on my feed with rice and beans sensory bowls. This here is some coconut flour with a bit of brown rice for texture and just any ( non choking ) toys that were laying around.

This one here was not my favorite and after he tasted the flour neither was his.  I know it wasn’t the texture because this little guy LOVES the sand! He spent only a couple minutes and was over this one. But hey! That was the point of giving these a go ! You win some and you lose some. _DSC9745

This messy one we left for last. He loves to finger paint. I introduced him to finger paint when he was about eight months old. He pretty familiar with the texture and just now learning to transfer the colors to paper and not his mouth, it’s a process.

This Idea came from a photo I found for 2 and 3 year old. I know, what am I doing making 2 and 3 year old games, right? Well I figured if he likes to finger paint maybe he can use the cups as a tool to color on paper. Wrong lol . But He had so much fun! It seemed like a good idea and i am glad I tried it!


Remember that fun doesn’t always need to cost a thing. You probably have most of these items already laying around. We to put them away for a while until he is ready to play with it again. Makes his enthusiasm to play with it again after several days better.  I have to say the card slot drop game is one of my biggest Pinterest wins for him.


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